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Apostate Report
Our Apostate Report, a survey of hundreds of American and Canadian ex-Muslims, offers a glimpse into what it’s like to be an apostate in the West, to raise awareness of and fight back against the stigma of following one’s own conscience.
Our mini-documentaries and periodic public events spotlight individual ex-Muslims and always aim to advocate for acceptance of the right to blaspheme and apostatize.
Persecution Tracker
Our Persecution Tracker catalogs and monitors cases of state action and vigilante violence against accused blasphemers and apostates from Islam, with an aim to ensuring that the names and stories of victims are known and publicized.
Unbelief Brief
Our bi-weekly Unbelief Brief, a short round-up of news related to Islam and freethought throughout the Muslim world, covers developments in this area to fight efforts to sweep suppression under the rug.
Our maintenance of Wiki-Islam is aimed at providing an objective, but skeptical, resource on the faith—to allow and encourage readers to draw their own conclusions, however “blasphemous” they may be
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