Ex-Muslim Event cancelled by UniversityCONTACT: Aysha Khan, Ex-Muslims of North America, [email protected]

The University of Waterloo has cancelled the confirmed room reservation and security request for a sold-out event hosted by the Waterloo Atheists and Secular Humanists Club.

The event was scheduled for Wednesday, September 20th, 2017, as the debut tour of the Normalizing Dissent Tour series by Ex-Muslims of North America; the series includes events scheduled with universities in Canada and throughout the U.S. The now-cancelled event, titled “Moderates, Radicals in the Muslim World” had scheduled a panel of Ex-Muslim atheists and agnostics to discuss the disruptive role of radicals, within a larger conversation about how Islamic beliefs are correctly and incorrectly likened to Western practices.

At the time of this release, the specific reasons behind the cancellation are not determined. The Waterloo Atheists and Secular Humanists Club and Ex-Muslims of North America will work to produce another event at the University of Waterloo in the near future. Both organizations agree that registered attendees for this event will receive an email with updated time and location details as they are determined, and will have the opportunity to register early

The Waterloo Atheists and Secular Humanists Club is a club under the Federation of Students at the University of Waterloo, aiming to create a community for non-theists within the student body, and to create a culture of acceptance in the larger Waterloo community.

Ex-Muslims of North America is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit based in Washington D.C that promotes secular values, advocates for a culture more accepting of religious dissent, and aims to reduce discrimination faced by those who leave Islam.

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